4:29 am - Saturday April 21, 2018

18-year-old who visited Gunung Pulai waterfall dies of leptospirosis

download (64)MO, 19/5/2017, JOHOR BAHRU – An 18 year old from Pekan Nanas, Pontian, died of leptospirosis, or ‘rat urine infection’ and organ failure at the Sultanah Aminah Hospital (HSA) at about midnight yesterday.

State Health, Environment, Education and Information Executive Committee chairman Datuk Ayub Rahmat said he was informed by the Johor Health Department that the youth died after spending three days in HSA’s intensive care unit (ICU). The youth is said to have gone swimming at the Gunung Pulai waterfall in April before complaining of stomach ache, cold and fever, as well as general weakness for three days. Health Department is currently in the process of investigating and identifying the movements of the youth before he was hospitalised. There has been no order to close the Gunung Pulai waterfall.


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