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200 PKR members in Penang quit party, join MU


MO,17/1/2018, GEORGE TOWN: More than 200 PKR members walked out of the party today, citing the party’s subservience to DAP and inconsistency in its struggle, among others. Led by its Jelutong division assistant chief Lim Boon Miin, they handed over their membership forms to newly-formed party, Malaysian United Party (MU).

Lim, who joined PKR prior to the March 2008 general election, believing in its ‘Reformasi’ promise, claimed the party had deviated from its initial path, especially when they started to work with Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Parti Pribumi Bersatu Malaysia (PPBM). He said the situation worsened after PKR joined Pakatan Rakyat (now Pakatan Harapan) coalition and lost its voice to DAP. “What is the point of us being in PKR when our voices are not heard? We are disappointed and the best thing for us to do is leave and fight from outside.

“We are certain that more people will follow our decision to leave the party soon,” he told a press conference at the MU office here today. Tens of members who joined him in quitting PKR were also present. Elaborating, Lim said those who decided to leave were also disappointed with the internal infighting in Pakatan Harapan, clearly showing signs of cracks and lack of understanding among one another.

“We cannot accept the fact that DAP, especially in Penang, is discriminating towards PKR assemblymen in the state. “We are also disappointed with PKR Selangor’s lack of consistency, by sidelining the initial struggle and supporting DAP. He also noted that, for their own personal interest, the PKR leadership was now working with Dr Mahathir and PPBM.

“It pains us to see that PKR has lost its sense of direction. “PKR was set up to fight Dr Mahathir for his inhumane treatment against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim. “Now, the party is working with this very same man,” he lamented. Lim said to compound matters, the party leadership does not even support its own elected representatives when the Penang Chief Minister acted unfairly towards them.

Meanwhile, MU president Tan Gin Theam said for so many members to defect the party, it shows that they were aware that Pakatan Harapan is now dead and exist only in name. “Their consciousness stems from the fact that the DAP has been autocratic and dictatorial in its decision-making, and has always bullied and suppressed their Pakatan Harapan partners.” he added.


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