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Anggota ATM terlibat Op Daulat 2013 terima pingat keberanian

MO, 12/8/2017, KOTA KINABALU – Sebanyak 61 anggota Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) yang terlibat menentang pengganas dalam Op Daulat 2013 dianugerahkan Pingat Kedaulatan Negara (PKN) atas jasa dan pengorbanan kepada tanah air. Selain...
HishammuddinLIMA 250317

Malaysia’s joint patrol with Indonesia and the Philippines to include aerial surveillance

MO, 12/8/2017, KOTA KINABALU – Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines are expanding the joint maritime patrols to include aerial surveillance operations as well, said Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein. The Defence Minister said plans...

Email on tax refund a fake

MO, 12/8/2017, PETALING JAYA – The Inland Revenue Board (IRB) has denied sending any email notification of refunds to taxpayers. It advised those who received the email not to reply or follow any instructions in the email. The suspicious-looking...

BNSC: Freezing of DoJ civil suits shows lack of evidence

MO, 12/8/2017, PETALING JAYA – The US Department of Justice’s (DoJ) suspension of its civil suits against 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB) shows there is a lack of evidence of wrongdoing by the state investment fund, says...
ALOR SETAR 10 AUGUST 2017. Pegawai Kesihatan Kedah melekatkan notis arahan penutupan restoran nasi kandar di Jalan Pegawai selama 14 hari berkuat kuasa hari ini untuk tindakan lanjut disebabkan kotor. STR/ZULIATY ZULKIFLI

Three nasi kandar outlets in Alor Star slapped with 14-day closure order for being unhygienic

MO, 12/8/2017, ALOR STAR – A nasi kandar restaurant in Jalan Seberang Perak here was slapped with a 14-day closure order after its workers were found processing roti canai flour on top of the sewerage cover, behind the outlet. The restaurant...

1997: The year of living dangerously

MO, 12/8/2017 – It was a time when the economy and politics intertwined, and this should not happen again. TWENTY years ago, there were dark clouds hovering in our sky. By the time Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his entourage left on a diplomatic...