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7-year-old girl chokes to death on longan fruit

71503296261_TercekikLonganMO, 21/8/2017, BACHOK – A seven-year-old girl choked to death on a longan fruit at her home in Kampung Kandis here last night.

According to her father, Nor Aina Fariha Mohd Fadzil was eating the fruit when she started screaming for help at about 7pm. Mohd Fadzil Mohamad said he was waiting for Maghrib prayers when he heard his daughter calling out his name.

“I immediately rushed to her and she told me that she was choking on the fruit. I tried to pull the fruit out of her throat but failed. I called my wife and we immediately sent her to Bachok health clinic but she was pronounced death while receiving treatment clinc,” said the 36-year-old when met after Aina’s burial here today.

He said although the incident was shocking, he and his family have accepted it as fate. About 30 family members and friends attended the burial of the SK Kandis pupil, who was the second of three siblings.


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