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Big potential for Sungai Rambai under existing government


MO,20/3/2018, JASIN: The Sungai Rambai sub-district has a great potential to become a new growth centre in the state of Malacca as the area had been properly developed, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak. Now, he said, the sub-district has the capability to generate its own economic activity including minor industries, commerce and the tourism industry.

“This shows that if in 1972 the late Tun (Abdul Razak) came to visit, it was a remote area, today it (Sungai Rambai) has become a growth centre that the people can be proud of,” he said at the ceremony to declare Sungai Rambai as a sub-district, at the Sungai Rambai Rural Transformation Centre (RTC), near here today.

Sungai Rambai with an area of 9,214ha, which is also known as the Southern Gate, had been announced as the first sub-district in Malacca on March 1, last year.


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