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BN manifesto: National security matters

Bn MAni security

MO,7/4/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: Boosting the nation’s security remains a priority for the Barisan Nasional government. In its election manifesto, the ruling coalition pledged to increase control posts and monitoring systems along the border to prevent smuggling and human trafficking as well as terrorist threats. The weapons capabilities of security forces stationed in the Eastern Sabah Security Zone (Esszone) will also be enhanced while Border Control Agency Malaysia (Aksem) and Aksemnet will increase its monitoring of land borders in Sabah and Sarawak.

Community security is not forsaken with the People’s Volunteer Corps (Rela) expanding to prevent crime in security zones such as Esszone while Government cooperation with local defence industry players will be increased to develop Malaysian made defence technologies. Not underestimating cyber threats, Barisan also pledged to establish a Cyber Defence Operations Centre under the Defence Ministry, to defend critical national assets from cyber-attacks.

Regional defence diplomacy with neighbouring border-sharing countries and strategic stakeholders will also be expanded through highest level dialogues, attaché exchanges and joint training exercises. On combating terrorism, the Global Movement of Moderates will expand its efforts to disseminate ideas of peace and moderation domestically and internationally through the establishment of the King Salman Centre for International Peace.

The Royal Malaysia Police elite corps, including the Special Tactics and Intelligence Narcotics Group (STING), Special Task Force on Organised Crime (Stafoc) and the Special Task Force for Anti-Vice, Gambling and Gangsterism (STAGG) will also be transformed to increase the effectiveness in eradicating drug-trafficking, gambling, triad gangs and organised crime. Police lock-ups will also be equipped with high-definition closed circuit television cameras, as a way to prevent incidents of death, suicide and fighting during detention.

The war on drugs is not forsaken, whereby the Community Rehabilitation Programme for Drug Addicts will be strengthened by partnering with the National Anti-Drugs Agency and other Government agencies. The coalition also aimed to establish a 1,000-person capacity Special Prison with an integrated electronic security system for the placement of persons detained under the Prevention of Crimes Act and Prevention of Terrorism Act.


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