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Cabotage policy exemption enables entrepreneurs to export at competitive prices

images (7)MO, 8/5/2017, KOTA KINABALU –┬áThe cabotage policy exemption from June 1 will enable more entrepreneurs in Sabah to export their products at competitive costs.

It would also help boost their business potentials through marketing and branding. It is a good move. With this announcement, more entrepreneurs, particularly from Sabah, can send their products to Peninsular Malaysia at competitive costs. Certain quarters used to complain that the cost of doing business is too high. Hence, with cabotage policy exemption), it would be easier for entrepreneurs, especially in Sabah to export their products. Many products from Sabah such as stingless bee honey, seaweed and birds nests merely catered for the local market, and with the cabotage policy exemption, it would give the entrepreneurs an opportunity to venture abroad. Therefore, government expect the exports of Sabah’s products to surge, thus contribute to the growth of the state’s and national economy.

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