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Cop shoots pregnant girlfriend dead

download (8)MO, 22/5/2017, PETALING JAYA – A police inspector is suspected of shooting dead his pregnant girlfriend in Kampung Kakai, Serian in Sarawak on Sunday. And police have confirmed that the woman allegedly shot dead by a police inspector was not married to the suspect.

A police report was made on the incident at 3.32pm by a neighbour of the victim. The neighbour, Laurence Michael, said he was awoken from his sleep at his aunty’s house by a gunshot. The report said that the victim’s mother ran over to his house to alert him that her daughter had been shot. Michael then went over to the house and found that the victim was lying motionless on the floor. Serian police chief Deputy Supt Aswandy Anis confirmed the incident. It is understood that the victim was two months pregnant.  It is said that the suspect is an inspector based in Belaga. Based on earlier investigations, the suspect had walked into the room of the victim and shot at her. A police spokesman said that the victim was a divorcee, and a girlfriend of the suspect and not his wife. This was because police was not able to find official records that the couple was married. “But we do not know if he secretly married the woman,” the spokesman said. The spokesman added that is was a “clear cut case” and investigations would focus on the personal aspects of the suspect and victim. Police also revealed that the suspect escaped using a police car. At 9.35pm, police confirmed that they arrested the suspect in front of the Emart supermarket at Matang. “His weapons and bullets have been confiscated,” a police report said, adding that the suspect did not resist arrest.


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