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DAP’s CAT Principle is long dead


Ex-Teratai State Assemblyman, Jenice Lee, described the qualities announced by DAP, Efficient, Accountable and Transparent (CAT) as long dead as the party is not abiding by these principles in managing the internal affairs of the party, what more, in aspiring to lead the country.

She, who claimed to have been fired by the party numerous times, the last one being in 2013, is adamant not to re-join DAP as long as the entire top leadership of the party and the Central Executive Committee (CEC) members were not replaced through a re-election, as ordered by the Registrar of Societies (ROS). The following is an interview by Utusan Malaysia Journalist, MAISARAH SHEIKH RAHIM with the influential ex-DAP leader in Selangor.


UTUSAN: DAP is found to be in breach of the ROS’ directive, what is your opinion?

JENICE: If DAP refuses to hold a re-election of the CEC, the party should come up suggestions on how it can resolve complaints from members who object to the 2013 CEC election. However, until now there is no explanation from them. How can they create the excuse that the re-election of the CEC was held when there are many non-rectified problems including complaints raised by the members themselves that there are ‘ghost voters’ during the re-election while qualified representatives were denied their rights.


What is your suggestion to ensure that the re-election of the CEC is completely transparent?

If the re-election of the CEC is held, I request that an independent body monitor the running of this election from start to finish, and for it not to only be monitored during the voting process, but also including the list of eligible representative names. This is because there were problems that arose when it is suspected that there were representatives that were ineligible but voted. The ROS should also have their representatives present and monitor the CEC re-election carefully.


DAP is trying to be proud by not wanting to follow ROS’ directive and ignoring the voices of its own party members. Is the CAT principle espoused by DAP still relevant?


The CAT principle is long dead. Their leader does not walk the talk. All of the country’s policies and laws lay unheeded. Similarly, the voices of party members themselves are no longer heard. If any member questions the party’s actions, they only know to file a suit or fire them from the party even though members have the right to ask. That is the fact on what is happening in the DAP.


Are you still interested in joining DAP?


I have a number of times left and re-joined DAP. During the CEC 2013 election, I still voted but after that they said I was no longer a member. I was only informed verbally, not in writing. By right, should they want to fire me again, there needs to be a process like a public hearing session and such, but none of these processes exist. I dispute my dismissal as a DAP member. However, I am no longer interested in becoming a DAP member if there is no revamp of today’s CEC. If they really want to lead the country, DAP should show the people that they themselves are clean, possess integrity and honesty and do what it is that they announced, even if it is only 70 per cent. But this is the opposite, even worse. Previously they said that the people are the ‘bosses’ but actually they want to be the boss. I find DAP’s behaviour strange

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