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Economic retaliation on countries which boycott palm oil export

download (59)MO, 19/5/2017, KUALA SELANGOR – Nations which launch boycott against palm oil export will face economic retaliation from Malaysia and Indonesia.

Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak in cautioning such nations said Malaysia and Indonesia must make a point to such countries erecting trade barrier on palm oil that. “I have discussed with Indonesia president Joko Widodo to have our ministers at the Council of Palm Oil Producing Countries (CPOPC) to go to these countries including the European Union, and convince them that their campaign and negative claims against palm oil is baseless. We also must tell them that Malaysia and Indonesia are not countries without capabilities. Malaysia and Indonesia also buy a lot from them, and whoever boycotts palm oil may see retaliation from us,” warned Najib.


Najib was commenting on nations which have launched campaigns to boycott palm oil exports, alleging that planters killed Orang Utan and caused massive environmental destruction. The agricultural industry has proven to be one of the most successful initiative by the federal government in eradicating poverty. He is confident that the industry will continue to prosper, not just beyond the National Transformation 2050 (TN50) or a hundred years, but much further down the road. Additional RM510 million allocation as a replanting budget for smallholders to replace their old oil palm trees. This brings the total allocation to RM2.26 billion.

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