9:35 pm - Wednesday February 21, 2018

Family of three including baby suffer burns in house fire


MO,12/2/2018, KENINGAU: A family of three including a baby sustained burns after their house caught fire in Kampung Lino Lanas here last night. During the 8.10pm incident, Yesmin Jubilik, 26, suffered burns on his legs; his wife Petronella Jems, 38, on her hands and legs; and their 11 month baby on the face.

It was learnt that besides them, three other family members including a boy were inside the house but they managed to escape. The victim’s neighbour, Jutin Antaim, 46, saw the fire at the victim’s house from his own home about 100 metres away and called firefighters. “I tried to help but it was hard getting water supply and the fire was spreading fast,” he said.

Jutin said the injured victims were sent to Tulid Health Clinic by villagers, before they were rushed to Keningau Hospital for further treatment. “Their documents and other belongings are also gone,” he added.

State Fire and Rescue Department operations centre chief Khatizah Rahaban said they received the distress call at 8.27pm on Sunday, and a team was sent to the location about 80 kilometres from the district fire station. The fire was put out at 10.44pm.


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