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High-pressure water storage facility for villagers in Kabong


MO,6/10/2017, SARATOK: Shortage and low water supply will soon become a thing of the past for the villagers in Kabong, with the installation of several high-pressure water tanks in the area.

Saratok Member of Parliament Tan Sri William Mawan Ikom said the water tanks were expected to be able to function once the state’s Public Works Department had completed installing the pumps.

“We are expecting the whole project to be completed next month and villagers can enjoy a stable water supply throughout the day,” he said after a visit to the village, here, yesterday.

Immediate action had been taken to address the issue by distributing water storage bins to the affected families, and sending water to them, he said, adding that the storage bins were useful when water pressure was low or during the dry season.

“We believe after the installation is completed, the issue of low water pressure could be reduced while waiting for the approval of the construction of a complete water treatment plant in the district to accommodate the needs of the locals,” he added.

Mawan said despite the treated water supply issue coming under the jurisdiction of the state government, he was committed to helping the villagers and monitoring the situation closely.

“We need to work together (federal and state) in addressing the needs of the people. So, I voice out the problems faced by the villagers and seek solutions from the relevant ministries and agencies,” he added.

Meanwhile, the water issue in Saratok and several villages nearby had been solved with the completion of the Kaki Wong water treatment plant.

The RM114 million water treatment plant, which was completed in 2014, has a capacity to supply 25 million litres of water daily.

Apart from Saratok, the water supply is also channelled to Tengalat, Melupa, Hulu Krian, Debak, Pusa, Beladin and Roban.

Water coverage in Saratok and the surrounding areas, Mawan said, had reached up to 75 per cent.

“However, the villages located along the coastal areas, including Kampung Kaba, Kali, Perpar and Lubuk Nibong, have yet to be connected with treated water supply. We will look into it and ensure the villagers can have the facility (water supply) soon,” he added.

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