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Major water disruption in Sarawak after landslide hits highway

PanBorneo 190517MO, 19/5/2017, MIRI – Water supply to about 30,000 people in the sub-districts of Bekenu and Subis in northern Sarawak has been disrupted after a portion of the Pan-Borneo Highway caved in on Thursday afternoon.

The Miri Fire and Rescue Department, the Public Works Department (JKR) and the northern Sarawak Water Board are arranging tankers in Miri to deliver emergency water supply to the affected areas. Miri Fire and Rescue Department chief Supt Law Poh Kiong said the collapsed portion of the highway had damaged the main pipes leading from the treatment plant in Miri. Their water tankers have started delivering the emergency water supply and the first consignment has just arrived in Bekenu town (located about 60km south of Miri). A team had been deployed to the site to assist repair works as well as help with water delivery. The cave-in affected about 500m of the highway, with road guardrails collapsed on one side and a 10m-deep crack in the centre. Fortunately, no vehicles were affected by the incident. The Fire and Rescue Department, Public Works Department and the police are at the site to facilitate safety checks. The cave-in has affected the highway between Miri to Bintulu. Motorists planning to travel anywhere between these two points are advised to use the coastal highway for now.

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