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Najib: Joint strategy between Malaysia and Indonesia to protect oil palm smallholders


MO,22/11/2017, KUCHING: Malaysia and Indonesia have drawn up a joint strategy to counter the European Union’s (EU) move linking the palm oil industry to deforestation, which both countries say will negatively impact more than 18 million smallholders. During a joint press conference by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak and Indonesian president Joko Widodo here today, the two leaders reiterated that the move was unfair and discriminated against smallholders and other stakeholders in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Apart from raising Malaysia and Indonesia’s concerns on the issue to EU president Donald Tusk during the recently concluded Asean-European 40th Commemorative Summit in Manila, the Philippines, Najib said both countries have taken further action to express their dismay. “Action has been taken in Malaysia where Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister (Datuk Seri Mah Siew Keong) has commenced a meeting with the European ambassadors (in Malaysia) on the matter.

“And I was told by the (Indonesian) president that Jakarta will also conduct a similar meeting with the EU ambassadors in Indonesia. “Malaysia will also send our representatives during the meeting in Indonesia to show that both countries have a joint strategy in this issue,” said Najib during the joint press conference held after the 12th Annual Consultation Between Malaysia and Indonesia here.

Both Indonesia and Malaysia, said Najib, viewed the matter seriously as the welfare of millions of smallholders is at stake. “Malaysia and Indonesia agreed that the move is not relevant and should not be enforced due to its impact to the 600,000 smallholders in Malaysia and 17.5 million smallholders in Indonesia.

“Their livelihoods will be affected if there we do not find an amicable solution to this issue. “We will pull together all resources to ensure that the EU will not go ahead with this discriminatory action towards palm oil industry,” said Najib.


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