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NUTP proposes new code of ethics to guide parents dealing with schools


MO,9/1/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: The National Union of Teaching Profession (NUTP) Malaysia has proposed 15 do’s and eight don’t’s to be outlined in the code of ethics for parents or guardians. Under the code, parents or guardians must consult or refer to the school authorities first on any matters concerning their children.

The parents or guardians are not allowed to bring helmet or any harmful objects which may cause safety threats. ‘The school authorities have the rights to contact the police if this practice is breached,” said NUTP president, Kamarozaman Abd Razak during a press conference at Wisma NUTP, here today. Parents or guardians are also not allowed to send any threatening messages to teachers or school authorities via email, text message, voice note, phone calls or through their social media account, he said.

‘These are among the guidelines prepared by NUTP through discussions with our members and non-governmental organisations like, Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation, UNI-Malaysia Labour Centre, Parents-Teachers Association, police, Yayasan Guru Tun Hussein Onn and Sarawak Teachers’ Union,” he said.

Kamarozaman said hopefully the Education Ministry would extend its invitation for NUTP to submit the proposal and ensure the code could be implemented soon.


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