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I do not understand why Malaysian Malays are so shallow in politics, that they damage and destroy their own country, like at present.

How do you think, actually?

I am saying that you are not smart because you are being used openly, but you have yet to realise this.


Your thinking is so bad that I can hardly believe how it is that you can think this way.

Changing the government, as if it is a game, like changing your clothes.

I do not know where I should begin this piece, as your thinking on today’s politics is so jumbled up.

Indeed, it does not make sense that you are unable to read into DAP’s politics, which aims to manipulate you into overthrowing the government dominated by Malays.


Out rightly in the DAP’s constitution, it underlines the elimination of ethnic differences in this country (“(“…berjanji akan berpegang kuat kepada ideologI satu negara Malaysia yang bebas, demokratik dan berfahaman sosialis, berdasarkan prinsip-prinsip keadilan kaum dan kesaksamaan sosial dan ekonomi yang berasaskan institusi demokrasi berparlimen..”). If ethnic differences cease to exist, for sure Malay privileges will be indirectly abolished. This is simple logic. Their bait is easy, incite hatred towards the government using false accusations and you will forget their main aim, which is to control the country by using those among you. This game by the DAP is something so easily understood. Did it not occur to you that non-Muslims can unite in support of the opposition, particularly the DAP. Even a simple person can guess that these are all because the cause of the opposition party benefits them more in the long run. It is unlikely that they will support something not beneficial to them.


Therefore, when the opposition cause is more rewarding to them, definitely it is disadvantageous to the Malays. It is actually something easily understood, if you use just a little of your sane mind to think it through. I do not understand how you can trust the opposition party, which does not possess clear principles. In the past, they criticised Tun Dr Mahathir using various nasty names like Mahazalim and Mahafiraun. And yet today, Tun Dr Mahathir, without admitting that he was wrong and seek forgiveness from Malaysians, is propelled as their political ally.


Does it not occur in your mind that this is not for the people and country but a personal agenda? I cannot think of how a leader, who for years termed as an enemy, is acceptable to you, without this leader admitting and apologising for his wrongdoings.  And you too are not thinking of why the opposition can accept Dr Mahathir after years of opposing him. A simple person can detect that these are all a shady coalition to satisfy individual interests, not for the people or country.


If you can think rationally, you will see how opposition leaders exposed openly, how dirty and disgusting they are individually. How demeaning it is that they are willing do anything to gain power. Too bad you are unable to see all this. They have displayed their bad side openly in front of you, but you are still unable to see it.


What is meant by disgusting and rotten? Although it does not need explanation, allow me to nevertheless do so. It is disgusting when a political enemy faced for years, is now their coalition partner in a move to topple the government. Is this not a disgusting act? Where is their dignity? What is their actual cause?


Again I repeat regarding Tun Dr Mahathir, how previous opposition leaders labelled him as Mahazalim, Mahafiraun, robber and all that. Lim Kit Siang has once written about the abuse of power of Tun Dr Mahathir at length in a book, and Anwar Ibrahim once peddled how Tun Dr Mahathir is the father of corruption in his political sermons. Today, they can sit together in a political coalition, supposedly fighting to save the country. Has Tun Dr Mahathir sought apology for all these?


No, right? Even if Tun Dr Mahathir asked for forgiveness on his long time purported wrongdoings, it is not for the opposition to forgive him. Tun Dr Mahathir should be investigated as claimed by them. If not, the opposition’s accusations can be deemed as defamation to overthrow Tun Dr Mahathir, as what they are doing to Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Najib now. Strangely, bearing in mind that without seeking forgiveness and the opposition admitting that their previous accusations were wrong, he is now Chairman in the opposition coalition (Pakatan Harapan). As bad as Tun Dr Mahathir has been opposed, he has now gained their acceptance, and therefore logically, the Prime Minister will also be acceptable to them if he sides with their interests.


So, what is the opposition’s real fight? Yes, questions arise, what is it that they are fighting for? They oppose Dr Mahathir once to save the people and the country, but what about now? Can you not see that they are not fighting for the country or its people, but in the contrary, they are cooperating for their own personal interests?


It is unfortunate if you are not able to digest this, as it is right in front of your eyes. This is part of the obvious, big thing in front of your eyes that should open your mind to assessing the falsehood and depravity of the opposition’s fight all these while. Are you that foolish that you have not realised this, how you are being used and made a fool of by the opposition for all these time? There are numerous other examples that can be highlighted to demonstrate the shallowness of your politics, for example, how you believe that the opposition will set this country straight. The price of goods will fall; petroleum will be cheaper, and such. You believe that the opposition will abolish the GST, whereas you know that developed countries all have a tax system like the GST?


Think logically, if the opposition can do it, surely the current government would have done it sooner as they too want the people’s support in order to remain in power. I do not understand your thinking, whether you assume that a change in government is a game that would not involve your country’s future, or that you are unable to see the dirty games played by the opposition, as my writing does not require a genius to comprehend how dirty it is that the opposition is exploiting you in pursuit of their personal interest.


By: Azman Hussin

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