7:57 am - Sunday March 18, 2018

Sabah waters safe due to frequent patrol – RMN Commander


MO,21/2/2018, KUCHING: The waters off Sabah is being strictly monitored and is safe, said Commanding officer of the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) training vessel “Gagah Samudera”, Commander Mahamad Nazir Darus. He said besides RMN, other agencies involved in patrolling Sabah waters to prevent intrusion by enemies included the Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESSCOM) .

“The Gagah Samudra training vessel also conducts patrol duty in waters off the state,” he told reporters at the vessel’s open day at Pending Port here today. The vessel arrived here yesterday and would leave tomorrow to its last destination, Bintulu. According to Mahamad, “Gagah Samudera” is RMN’s latest asset to provide training and improve the skills of its members.

The vessel could accommodate 45 crew and 60 trainees at one single time. “Gagah Samudera” is equipped with an Electro-Optic Fire Control System), radar (Kelvin Hughes Sharp Eye), navigational and communication equipment as well as sophisticated short-range weapon. Since the vessel began operation last year, it had sailed for about 8,000 nautical miles and taken about 300 trainees.

– Bernama

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