4:35 am - Saturday April 21, 2018

Saudi Arabia can’t be THAT stupid


Due to extreme hate politics, the opposition party has not only smeared the good name of the Prime Minister, but also that of Malaysia’s.

While there were challenges from abroad that no doubt has had an impact, Malaysia has proactively acted to absorb the brunt of it. For example, in the 80s, the unstable world economy caused Malaysia’s recession. Also, the 97-98 financial crisis has wreaked havoc on our economy. It should not be forgotten that this was caused by external factors, staved off by sound domestic policies.

Nevertheless, in the midst of current fluctuating oil prices, Malaysia’s economy has again proven its resilience. Not only has it weathered it; it has furthermore registered positive growth.

Sadly, opposition party members have never accepted data collected and published by Malaysian government agencies. Bear in mind that these are verified data they are rejecting. They nevertheless say – its propaganda! What they don’t realise is that independent international institutions, from which a majority of Malaysians are too lazy to source data from, all publish data that are in line with that of the Government’s. Independent international institutions maintain that Malaysia’s economy remains markedly robust and strong, due to the effective policies put in place.

It is apparent that the international community’s confidence on Malaysia’s stability attracted positive attention from Saudi Arabia. Malaysia was chosen to be the location of the King Salam Centre for International Peace (KSCIP). Once completed, the Centre, which is to be located in Putrajaya, spread amidst 16 hectares of land will be officiated by the Prime Minister and Crown Prince Mohammed Salman himself. Aiming to promote universal peace and halt extremism, logically, Saudi Arabia would not have chosen a failed, unstable and chaotic state to host the Centre. Malaysia is none of that, and in fact choosing Malaysia to host the Centre, which is the brainchild of Crown Prince himself, underlines the recognition of Saudi Arabia on Malaysia’s own efforts in combating extremism and advocating the peaceful resolution of conflicts around the world.

Surely a country like Saudi Arabia would check how Malaysia is faring economically and politically before agreeing to locate an important and long-term initiative such as the KSCIP.

Frankly, it would seem that Malaysians praise other countries in heaps, but fail to recognise the country’s own significant achievements.

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