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Tax relief & expansion of healthcare services and greener lifestyle to improve quality of life


MO,7/4/2018, KUALA LUMPUR: Tax relief, water laws, a vast expansion of healthcare services and promotion of greener lifestyle are among the key policies to be implemented by Barisan Nasional (BN) if it wins the upcoming national polls. The highlights in efforts to implement a greener lifestyle include all-around access to clean water supply, through the introduction of water laws under the National Integrated Centralised Management System.

Also key in realising endeavours for a greener environment would be the distribution of Euro5 diesel nationwide over the next five years, reduction of carbon emissions, generating energy through renewable sources and a more efficient garbage disposal and solid waste disposal service, especially in rural areas.

Improvement in flood preparedness plans via implementation of 69 Flood Mitigation Masterplan projects nationwide. NSTP pic.

The coalition also plans to preserve the balance between socio-economic development, conservation and environmental protection through the Access to Biological Resources and Benefit Sharing Act 2017. Healthwise, development and upgrading services in rural areas would be done by increasing number of specialist physicians, hospitals, free family doctor team services and 1Malaysia Clinics, that have been successful in providing affordable healthcare.

BN also plans to raise nutrition level for children aged between 6 months and 6-years in hardcore poor families, apart from developing new programmes to address mental health issues. On the needs of groups particularly arts and heritage organisations, an allocation of RM3 million for the Art Practitioners Welfare Fund would be made every five years and RM5 million grant to activists of heritage bodies.

An individual tax incentive of RM1,000 a year would also be given to those who contribute to the development of national cultural arts. Concerns over flood-prone areas would see improvement in flood preparedness plans via implementation of 69 Flood Mitigation Masterplan projects nationwide, with a total cost of RM8.57 billion, that will benefit 1.5 million people. BN will also continue to provide monthly electric bill subsidies to more than one million consumers.


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