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Selangor Political Crisis: The Puzzling Finally Answered

Becoming Hannah, a book written by Hannah Yeoh, the speaker and the member of the Selangor State Assembly from the DAP exposed that the DAP (Democratic action Party) is not liberal as what the party claims. And she has also openly declared that her achievement at the top in politics is supported by the Christian movements.

What is an irony, the DAP ideological concept of liberal democratic and secularism, which sounded frightening to the Malay and Islam, particularly the PAS, (an Islamic Party of Malaysia) becomes more intimidating when one of its members who holds power over the state of Selangor declared that her participation in politics alone as to fulfill her dream to revive the Malaysian system of government according to Christian mold. This has created a new page in the history of Islam in Malaysia.

Not only Hannah a Christian, but more than a thousand DAP members are Christian, Buddhists, non religious believers and the Malay/DAP either those who preach Islam or ignore about the teaching of Islam. The DAP again, further daunting the Islamic members in the Pakatan Rakyat (the Selagor coalition government).

Apparently, the political crisis in Selangor state between PAS and the DAP is about   Islam and  liberal pseudo-christian in which saw the divergence among the coalition members in Pakatan Rakyat that appeared they could not agree among themselves when they begin to question each other ideology, political principle and beliefs, But in undertaking to resolve it, they seem to have run into the gamut of government. Forgetting that they should have dished up the people of Selangor instead of strengthen their beliefs – The democratic, secularist and socialist ideology that they claimed to be is hypocritical.

As a result, the biggest Islamic party in Malaysia, the PAS has severed ties  due to its divergent thoughts and political principle with its member coalition.  After about 8 years in coalition with the Pakatan Rakyat, PAS finally shows its frustration towards the direction the coalition has treated its aspiration in reinforcing and strengthening Islamic values in the state, for example following a course with the  DAP to enforce hudud in Kelantan, the RUU 355 case and etc.

The puzzling question about the Selangor political crisis, eventually answered. Why the PAS sever ties with the DAP is all bogged down to the conflicts of beliefs between Islam and the pseudo- Christian in the DAP. In its Muktamar, the PAS youth wing and its ulamas were passing the motion to sever all cooperation with the Pakatan Rakyat.

Just immediately after PAS announced its stand, The Menteri Besar of Selangor, Azmin Ali advised the PAS exco members to vacant the Selangor’s exco sits. Azmin’s decision has further reinforced our believe that the DAP has won the war in splitting the power of the Malays and Islam in the Pakatan Rakyat.

When Hannah Yeoh,  top ranking DAP’s member published her book and simultaneously confessed that her participation in politics is supported by the Christian organization either through monetary fund or through campaign, and how she uses political platform to disseminate the Christian influence in the country, this proves that the DAP is not solely exist as a liberal and secularist party but it delivers a central mission to put down Islam. On the same line, she further argued has all oversea Christians to be  involved in politics as she had done in order  to develop Malaysia according to Christian mold.

Either she realizes it or  not, her obsession towards Christian religion is dangerous to Malaysia. Using Christian religion as a vehicle to achieve her political aims is frightening us,. Hannah writes;

It is here that I want to specially address the OCFers (Oversea Christian Fellowship),wherever you are now, to never forget the mission of being trained and equipped and returning home to serve…We want to encourage fellow OFCers to come home. There is much work to be done to rebuild this beautiful nation. Just like Nehemiah is overseeing the reconstruction of Jeruselem’s wall, everyone has to be at it, working God’s wants to reclaim politics and public service in Malaysia for righteousness’ sake. God fearing men and women who are willing to roll up their sleeves and labour in this very demanding field. No experience in politics? Remember, I had none. No finances? I had none. Not a good time yet? I just got married when I ran my first campaign. He uses very ordinary vessels to do extraordinary things. He does this so his name is glorified.

Hannah, or specifically the DAP should have realized that more than a generation, Islam has been handed down by the Malay’s ancestors as true religion to practice by each individual so-called a Malay. The supreme ruler of Malaysia is The Yang DI Pertuan Agong, the Sultans are Malays and the majority is the Malays who took Islam as a mode of life. They built Islamic institutions and systems and strengthen the value of Islam up until today. Clearly the organization provides the freedom of faith to other races, no religious oppression in the state. So is there any more dissatisfaction among the Christian preachers who are willing to survive against the existing power by encouraging other Christian believers to rebuild another system of organization based on the Christian mold?

What about the DAP, this party is likewise dangerous to the Malays and Muslims in general. Thousands of Christians in the DAP and, perhaps, there are hundreds and maybe thousands of the DAP members like Hannah Yeoh, who ambitiously wants to curve back the Christian dignity into Malaysia.

If Hannah’s aspiration and goals come true, to rebuild Malaysia, according to Christian mold, then Hannah and its party the DAP is dangerous in which their ambition might bring Malaysia into war of religion. Appearing at the retrospective of religious war, campaign, spoken communications are the most serious weapon to fuel the sentiment of hatred among the believers. Christians against the Muslims to recover the Holy Land, particularly Jerusalem, the initial impetus for the Crusade was a revitalization of religious excitement, as an urge by Pope Urban II through his fiery speech at the council of Clermont.

Will “Becoming Hannah”  and the DAP become a threat to the Malays and Islam? Apparently the answer is yes. The Pakatan Rakyat will disappear, buried by its Malay/Muslim members. (MM)



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