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What Service Can You Get For RM1 In Malaysia & Singapore Clinics


MO, 21/4/2017, KUALA LUMPUR – Malaysia’s healthcare industry has indeed come a long way.

It is now, without doubt, regarded amongst the best in the world.

Even before the government addressed the healthcare industry for development in 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP), it was already among the top three in the world as reported by medical online portal, medicaldaily.com.

The portal recognized the efficiency of healthcare system in Malaysia and the low prescription cost.

Again in 2017, International Living magazine ranked Malaysia as third-best in the world for health services offered thanks to ease of access to medical services and easily reachable by the people.

1Malaysia clinics, rural clinics and mobile clinics provided by the government give convenience to the people to seek treatment.

In rural areas, government also provided clinics on boats and helicopters to reach areas that are not linked by roads. This way, people who live in remote areas will not face difficulties to receive health treatments.

Retirees also opt Malaysia as a top retirement destination for its affordable health service. People from all over the world are willing to travel to Malaysia to receive medical treatments here as our service is among the best.

This is proven when the health tourism industry has contributed to the increase of tourist arrivals in the country. Tourists are confident in our doctors who come from reputable universities like in China, India and Russia.

At the same time, health tourism industry boosts the country’s economy. It is expected to earn RM2.7 billion by 2020. Medical tourists mostly hail from Indonesia, China, Japan and United Kingdom.

All these accomplishments did not come simply. The efforts carried out by the government have been proven effective and come to fruition. Government shows that it regards health as an important factor in looking after the people’s well-being.

It had put forth strategies aimed at improving access to healthcare in 11MP. One of the strategies is to improve system delivery for better health outcomes. Under this strategy, it is exciting to note that the government will implement a ‘eHealth’ strategy which will incorporate existing online systems into one system-wide model to enhance health data management. Another strategy also focuses on increasing accessibility and improving facilities.

The closest example we can take is the completion of Kuala Lumpur Health Clinic (KKKL) which is the first Super Type 1 Clinic and the biggest government health clinic in the country. Size of the clinic is almost as large as a hospital and offers 12 types of health services in one place. It is normal if people mistake the clinic for a hospital. The clinic provides self-checkup counters where patients can take their own blood pressure test, weight, height and BMI measurements to save time before proceeding to get following treatment. Plenty of rooms are available at the clinic to cater up to 3,000 patients daily.

The best part of all is of course, the charge of treatment is always RM1. Implementation of eHealth strategy is effective in managing a large amount of patients at the clinic.

From here we can see that government walks the talk by constantly striving to provide best quality health services for Malaysians regardless of race and state. Now, let’s ponder. Can clinics in Singapore provide similar service for only at RM1?

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